Diabetes apps research, 2013)  Power and Pitfalls of Social Media in Diabetes Care, 2013) (Ristau, R., et al., 2013)Evaluation and Evolution of Diabetes Mobile Applications: Key Factors for Health Care Professionals Seeking to Guide Patients


A systematic review of smartphone application use for type 2 diabetic patients (Frazetta et al., 2012)

Are diabetes self-management apps based on evidence?  (Eyler, A., 2013)

Computer-based diabetes self-management interventions for adults with type 2 diabetes mellitus (Pal, K., et al.,  2011)

Designing Health Literate Mobile Apps (Broderick, J.,et al., 2014)

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Diabetes Tech Overviews

The Current Status of mHealth for Diabetes: Will It Be the Next Big Thing? (Klonoff, D., 2013)

a good summation of what was available in 2012

Diabetes UX

Real-Life Utilization of Real-Time Continuous Glucose Monitoring: The Complete Picture (PictureRamchandani, N., et al., 2011)

Examines patient resistance to using invasive CGM systems, despite positive effects


Gaming the System for Better Adherence ( 2013)

General UX

UX Curve: A method for evaluating long-term user experience (Sari Kujala, Virpi Roto, et. al.)

mhealth Validation


Crowdsourcing research

Crowdsourced Health Research Studies: An Important Emerging Complement to Clinical Trials in the Public Health Research Ecosystem (Swan, 2012)

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