The potential of Google Glass for Diabetics?

The potential of Google Glass for Diabetics?

Today at the Factory opening in Berlin, got to meet Thad Starner, technical lead on the Glass project.

He graciously spent a few minutes with me discussing the potential role of Glass in assisting diabetics.

Thad has obviously done some thinking on diabetes management, along with I assume about 10,000 other uses for Glass.

So the big question: Will such technologies really help us better manage diabetes and other chronic health conditions?

It would seem that the main advantage of wearables over the smartphone is that it is harder to ignore, and potentially easier to record data.

We will need a portable data hub, and Glass could be it.

So far the best candidate is the smart phone, but wearables, be it a watch or glasses have potential benefits.

No need to pull a phone out of your pocket, your CGM data is always there in the upper right had side of your vision.

Want to record all your calories? OK…..Well we know the magic words.

The risk of ubiquitous computing is that we become overly obsessed with data optimization for its own sake. Being a diabetic is a task to be managed, not an end in itself.

We don’t want data streams to be the primary focus of our lives. We have more important goals like our families, our work, our relationships.

Thad brought up the idea of a ubiquitous dashboard of personal health reading data.  The QS movement is proving that there is a potential market for such a product, and Samsung and Apple’s HealthKit are all potentially moving in this direction.

Being able to optimize control, perhaps having algorithms that show us the potential future effects of exercise or eating an ice cream could have real motivational aspects.

The real world effects and benefits of such tech remains of course to be seen.

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