PhD position in Sweden


just got this from a great guy in Sweden.

If you are interested in pursuing a PhD this is a great opportunity!

be well,




Want to pursue a PhD?

I am recruiting a PhD student related to my research right now. The deadline is soon (Dec 15 – will be updated shortly on the link below), so don’t hesitate – get your application in now!

DESCRIPTION: This position is within embedded intelligence and interaction technology, and relates to data mining, adaptive and learning systems, with a particular focus on context-awareness to create engaging user experiences and meaningful designs. The research will be carried out in application areas that are of interest for the industrial partners, e.g. user-activity and self-tracking services. The purpose of these applications range from entertainment and well-being, to convenience and utility.

TIPS: I want to underline the relevance this has for those with an interaction design as well as computer science background, and that you emphasize your present strengths and how these would serve the described position. It is fully expected that you would learn more about the different areas during your PhD studies, rather than that you know all that is needed beforehand.

Shoot any questions you have to me, or the two contacts listed in the link. I am also available at

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