Pendiq thoughts so far:

Hi Folks,

Well after  close to 2 weeks with the pendiq pen, here are some of my thoughts.

A digital pen can be a good thing.

What works: 

Memory is a great functionality. Big Plus.

Less than single unit dosages seems like a good idea.

Battery life is good.

Functionality that could be improved for next product.

Easier shots (5 button presses every time, just to get to the menu to set dosage is too many.)

More Intuitive interface.

Display that can be read in a dark place.

Contextual analysis to warn of unusual dosages, i.e. it is night are you sure you want to take 10 units of fast acting insulin.

Wireless connectivity  app.

Mac compatibility.

Motor is too darn loud!

Well those are my first thought. Would love to hear yours.

dmitri katz

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