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I have just ordered the Pendiq Insulin pen. This is an insulin pen which accepts standard insulin brands and tracks dosages for 195 shots. Every once in a while I just can’t remember if I took a shot, I assume I am not alone in these temporary memory lapses. I am always confronted then with the problem if I should take some insulin and risk hypoglycemia, or let my blood sugar soar. This product will hopefully solve this problem. My insurance company covered all but 10 euros of the 160 euro price tag, so I assume that there has been some evidence that this product is worth their investment.
Downsides: No mac compatibility!
will keep track of my experiences with this product and see how it goes. If you are also using this product let me know and lets start a UserReport group.

dmitri katz

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4 comments on “Pendiq insulin pen
  1. Larry says:

    Are you using the Pendiq Digital Insulin Pen? If so, where did you purchase it?

    I am in the USA and it is not available here yet, but I am searching to see if I can purchase one somewhere online.

    Thanks for any help.

    • d.katz says:

      Hello Larry,
      I have been using the Pendiq pen since I started blogging about it.
      I am a resident in Berlin Germany, I am going to guess they have not received FDA approval,
      though since they are not willing to answer my emails or phone calls I can not confirm that.
      I have mixed feeling about the product, it works and the memory function is helpful.
      In addition, the battery life is good.
      The interface is mediocre at best, and I am very curious if they did any user experience testing.
      Good luck,

  2. Larry says:


    I ordered a Pendiq pen from a pharmacy in Germany and, today, I received an email saying that it has shipped. Give me a couple of weeks to receive the pen and a few days to use it and I’ll start posting some comments about it. I am especially excited about the small dosage capabilities of the pen as I believe this might help me to really fine tune my insulin intake and more precisely control my glucose levels.

  3. d.katz says:

    Great Larry!
    very interested in your experiences. Please share and let me know how it goes, and what you like, and what you would change.

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