DIY Health CHI 2016 Workshop!

“In conjunction with CHI 2016 in May 2016 in San Jose, California, a workshop will be held to discuss the rapidly growing DIY Health and Wellbeing domain. Maker and hacker culture has driven advances in diabetes technology and the development of other bespoke assistive technologies. There is potential for growth in this field to other health and wellbeing domains, and many HCI concerns and questions are starting to arise.

A keynote by Brandon Arbiter of will outline advances in DIY diabetes, and short introductions by attendees will follow along with a show-and-tell of current DIY Health and Wellbeing technologies. Group discussions will occur on topics that have been chosen and developed by attendees prior to the workshop.

Submissions are welcome on topics related to DIY health and wellbeing and HCI, including: case studies in hacking health or wellbeing devices; reports of on-going research on DIY health or wellbeing; reflections on the opportunities of patient-led technology projects; studies of grassroots maker communities for health and wellbeing; and, challenges and opportunities for HCI research in DIY heath and wellbeing.

Four-page position papers in Extended Abstract format should be submitted to Easychair by January 8th 2016 at 5pm GMT (papers submitted by December 15th 2015 will be considered for early acceptance). At least one author of each accepted position paper must attend the workshop and all participants must register for both the workshop and for at least one day of the CHI 2016 conference.

More information can be found here, An open call for a special issue on DIY Health and Wellbeing technologies will follow the workshop.


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Blood Sugar Bingo in Germany on Nov 14th





On Nov. 14th, otherwise know as World Diabetes Day, the good people from will be leading a German wide diabetes awareness campaign.

The basic idea is you take a selfie of yourself and a reading on your blood glucose meter (or an anonymous reading if your prefer) and send it in. For those who don’t have a meter, they can stop by the many participating pharmacies in Germany. This campaign is aimed especially to raise awareness for the many who are not aware that the have T2 diabetes.

This campaign will also raise funds for children’s diabetes camps.

You can play both online and on or by calling the toll-free number 0800 292 4646 (corresponding to the letter BZBINGO on the telephone keypad).


dmitri katz




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Diabetes Mine Profile

Question and answer session with the fine folks at Diabetes Mine.

Looking forward in a big way to meeting everyone at Stanford in November!

Screen Shot 2015-08-11 at 16.51.46

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Type 1 diabetics in Berlin needed!

Type 1 diabetics urgently needed in Berlin needed for an in-person  academic study.

Study will take about an hour, no pain involved. Would be an enormous help if you or someone you know is interested.

Please email if you can participate.





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Diabetes Apps: Present and Future

If you are in Berlin, please come and join us on July 13, 2015 ! There will be a few presentations on diabetes apps and related technology, at IXDS in Kreuzberg.

Please join us for discussion and brainstorming on the role of mobile technology in diabetes and for  health management in the wider sense.


Diabetes Apps: Present and Future

Monday, Jul 13, 2015, 7:00 PM

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40 Berlin, DE

4 Diabetes Tech Heads Attending

Hi Everyone,Hope everyone is enjoying the weather!We will be meeting on Monday the 13th of July at 7pm for an evening focused on diabetes apps and IoT devices.Please Note we have a new location at IXDS at Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40.I will be presenting “Diabetes Apps! A Self-Management Revolution?” which will look into what these apps have accompli…

Check out this Meetup →

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HealthyBeeps is a new site crowd sourcing reviews on  health products.

Got approached last month about doing some writing for them.

Decided to review the new OneDrop app.OneDrop_me

Please check it out!


dmitri katz

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DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2015

DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2015 Patient Voices ContestDM Summit Logo - Generic

DiabetesMine has long been one of my favorite sites for diabetes tech news. Just got the exciting notification that I have been selected to be part of the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit as a patient voice. This Stanford based conference brings together many of the leaders in diabetes tech research, and will be an incredible opportunity to share thoughts with many of the brightest in the field. Want to thank the judges for choosing me to be part of this. Onward!

Will keep everyone posted on the highlights from this conference in the fall.

– dmitri katz

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PACT diabetes apps Challenge

PACT Healthcare diabetes App Challenge

Diabetes app challenge

Greater Philadelphia Alliance for Capital and Technologies (PACT) is sponsoring a diabetes app challenge in conjunction with Independence Blue Cross and University of Pennsylvania.

They are looking for promising new diabetes apps, that address the usual issues, healthy behavior, medication adherence, etc.

Some financial prizes, chance to present to VC’s, access to Independence Blue Cross reps etc.

The deadline is coming up soon, so make a move!

best of luck!

-dmitri katz

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Support InsulinAngel and one of our own!

Support InsulinAngel and one of our own, Amin Zayani!

Berlin local maker and engineer (and T1) is launching Insulin Angel a small device to help keep our insulin safe.


The Indiegogo campaign is going now, and needs your support!

Please visit and support independent diabetes technology.

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Imperial College Institute of Bio-Engineering: Diabetes research

Imperial College Institute of Biomedical Engineering: Cutting edge diabetes technology research.

Imperial Bio-Inspired Tech Team

Imperial Bio-Inspired Tech Team

Imperial Closed-Loop Prototype

Imperial Closed-Loop Prototype

From left
Peter Pesl, Dipl.-Ing(FH), PhD Student
Mohamed El-Sharkawy, MSc, PhD Student
Pantelis Georgiou, PhD, Lecturer
Pau Herrero, PhD, Research Associate


Thanks to Aisling O’Kane for introducing me to the Imperial College Institute of Biomedical Engineering team. Peter Pesl showed me their Advanced Bolus Calculator for Diabetes (ABC4D), running on his iPhone. This prototype app will hopefully offer true smartphone based insulin dosage decision support. Unlike some other attempts, this app uses machine learning to refine suggestions based on past results. I was very impressed with this approach, and gave it a quick try. One enters current BG value, and planned carb intake. One then gets a dosage suggestion, which one can mark as accepted or declined. If declined, one inputs what you actually chose to take, and then later enter the results. Based on this record, the system learns your individual patterns, and improves its suggestions next time. For example, if you estimate carbs wrong, as long as you are consistent, the system will adjust.

In my conversations with diabetes app users, one of the big complaints was that the current apps didn’t really do enough to warrant the time invested. Just having a place to record your info doesn’t add a whole lot of value. An app that learns from your personal experiences and patterns, and then suggests how much insulin to take in a specific situation, seems like a great feature.

They have just finished their first round of clinical trials, hopefully it will prove safe and effective. I look forward to them either releasing it as a product, or allowing other apps to license the algorithm.

The following week in London, we had the opportunity to visit team leader Dr Pantelis Georgiou and the lab at the university. As well as the insulin dosage app mentioned above, the group is also working on a closed-loop insulin delivery system, which hopes to more closely mimic biological insulin release. This algorithm is placed on a small chip, which could be installed in pumps and is compatible with diverse systems.

This would be hybrid system, with some user interaction. The user would need to notify the pump that they are getting ready to eat, and size of meal. This would then cause the pump to give an initial insulin bolus. While this system would not be fully automatic, it could be very useful for many. This approach appears necessary at this time, as systems have struggled with the high BG values caused by the discrepancy between the time blood sugar rise is detectable, and the time it takes for the insulin to peak.

At the ATTD 2015, Novo showed data on a new faster insulin, which is quite likely attempting to address this issue.

For now, this hybrid approach will hopefully provide a work around for this particular challenge.

Was great to be able to be able to visit the lab and see these two projects. Inspiring work by a small but very dedicated team.

Thanks again for letting us to visit, and learn more about your work!

Please check out their work at the links below.


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