Open Standards

Open Standards: diabetics should be able to freely connect devices!

Why can't these devices speak the same language?

Why can’t these devices speak the same language?









I just got a letter from Ramsey A.,  who sent me a link to the Open Mobile Health Exchange page.

This got me thinking about convergence and connectivity, otherwise known as some of my favorite  subjects.

Recently started using a iBGStar meter (thanks to Marcel), which automatically enters reading into my  iPhone app.

This is great, let’s automate drudgery when we can.

Now what I really want is that my insulin pen and exercise tracker (don’t have one yet, still waiting for the right one) all automatically enter info into the same log.

Hopefully better data samples and accuracy leads to better understanding.

For example, what is the long term effect on blood sugar of a 10 mile run as opposed to my usual 4 mile run. And how long does this effect last.  And does the effect decrease if one trains more? so many questions.

Now,  unless someone develops a perfect and affordable ecosystem of devices, we need open standards to make this happen.  We want all our devices speaking the same language, and we want them to be compatible!

Open code is good for everyone, more eyes to check for bugs, bigger ecosystem.

There are plenty of diabetics for everyone, embrace open standards!

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