Non-invasive CGM needed

Affordable Non-invasive CGM is  needed.

Many poor diabetics can’t afford strips, and are suffering terrible complications from poor blood glucose control.

They wouldn’t need their own individual device, a village could share one.

It wouldn’t need to be perfect, reasonably good would be much better than what they have, which is often nothing.

I was talking to Jon Katz (aka my father) who lives in a small village in the Dominican Republic.

He knows a 24 year old woman  who has been diabetic for around 12 years, she is going blind from retinopathy.

Strips are not the answer, even at 50 cents per strip, there are many who live on a dollar a day total.

The only solution I see is a low cost device that doesn’t use disposables.

People need this device!

Here is more about is work in telemedicine project:


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