If you care about diabetes please join!

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If you are a diabetic or care about someone who is, we need your help.
Join and we will contact you about becoming an Explorer.
You choose a diabetes tech support product to use, like an app or a digitally enabled device.
Every two weeks you will receive a short questionnaire that will ask you about your opinions and experiences.
With enough people contributing we hope to learn:

  • Which products help you with better self-management?
  • Which apps do you keep using and why?
  • Can new products help you with motivation?
  • How do you feel about the products you are using?

We can only learn this with your help!
Please join and share your insights and experiences.



One comment on “Join
  1. Vlad Volosciuc says:


    I got on this website through Dmitri Katz.

    I am currently writing my second bachelor thesis and need more survey respondents.

    Could you please share this link?

    It’s about mHealth development and it takes 15 minutes.

    Thank you very much for your support!

    Kind regards,

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