Interview with Stefan Hermann at IXDS

Went over to IXDS in Kreutzberg to interview interaction designer Stefan Hermann.

Stefan Hermann of IXDS

Stefan Hermann of IXDS


















Stefan’s  teenage son has been diabetic since the age of 3 and I thought his experiences from the viewpoint of a tech developer would be of interest.  Recorded as an audio podcast, this interview will be available here and on itunes hopefully in the next few days.

In our discussions came up the idea of open source diabetes technology.  This got me really excited.  We all wait for Big Pharma to release new product. Is it possible  with 3-D printing and the maker movement, that in the future we could be building our own non-invasive glucose monitoring systems?

We are always reading about some new  non-invasive CGM system in phase 2 trials, and then the company is dissolved and all the techs are working for Apple or something of the sort.

If we could build something that wasn’t perfect, but fairly good, even if it still needed to be checked with a traditional blood glucose system (like the Dexcom.) Also for people who can’t afford strips, an approximate value might be better than nothing.

Any makers out there with ideas? Please send here.

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