Hopeful interview with pendiq

Trying to arrange an interview with the team responsible for bringing the pendiq pen to market.

I called them up today, operator didn’t speak english. Well German works to.  She said she would send me a contact name, though it is yet to come.

Not sure if I should send them this site address yet.

What I am hoping to ask:

What was their design process.

What kind of UX/Usability testing they went through as part of development.

How difficult was it for them to get product approved in E.U.  ( I don’t believe they yet have FDA approval.)

What do they see as the next stage/evolution of their product.

If you have any questions for them let me know, and I will try and ask if and when I speak to them.

Oh yeah and my complaint for today, if you get distracted before doing your shot, the pen shuts off automatically.

Have to read the manual and see if there is a way to delay auto shut off.

I have the basic shot process down pretty well now.

1. Turn on with ACT button on top end.

2. Press ACT button  twice more.

3. Press + button once to clear any air bubbles.

4. Press ACT button once more.

5. Adjust correct insulin dosage using + and – keys.

6. Press ACT button to inject.


This seems like a lot of steps for something you do 4 x a day. but maybe I am missing something.

note if you decide not to inject, do not accidentally press act button, as this will not turn it off, but rather inject, so then press M (Menu) button.

Device will then turn off in a few seconds.

I will try and document procedure tomorrow, and post.

-dmitri katz


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