How to inject with a pendiq insulin pen

Here is a short video, showing the basic steps through the menus to do a shot with a pendiq insulin pen.

Strangely, the company hasn’t provided this video on their website.

as you can see this seems like a lot of button pressing for the most basic and oft repeated function.

your thoughts?

dmitri katz

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4 comments on “How to inject with a pendiq insulin pen
  1. Maxim says:

    Can pendiq pen inject 0.1u? in the manual they say it can do 0.1u but the minimum recommended dose is 0.5u. What does it mean?

    • d.katz says:

      Hi Maxim,
      The smallest dose I can set my pendiq to is 0.5, after that you can increase by 0.1 u.
      Hope that helps.
      I will try and test the accuracy of the dosages in small amounts. Would be interesting to know.
      dmitri katz

      • Maxim says:

        Thank you very much Dmitri for this information and for doing this video!

        • d.katz says:

          your welcome Maxim!
          let me know if you want to see any of the other functionality on this product, would be happy to make a video for it.
          dmitri katz

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