HIT for Problem-Solving in Diabetes Management

HIT for Problem-Solving in Diabetes Management

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moDD video screenshot










Zwoisaint M-C sent me a link to an interesting study coming out of Columbia University and Georgia Tech.

An impressive lineup of researchers are working on this project which hopes to use a web based application to help diabetics to better understand how to independently investigate diabetes challenges.

The team is setting up a proper clinical trial which hopes to show that a scalable web-based solution can help diabetic individuals:

1. Identify problematic trends.

2. Understand better why these trends are occurring.

3. Positively modify behavior.

On first viewing I was a bit unimpressed by the technology.  It all looked a bit generic, and unresponsive, i.e. identifying if a blood glucose reading was too high or low. However: what they are setting out to demonstrate is significant; That an automated system can help diabetics understand and self-manage a complex multi-variant interaction.

I really like that they are departing from the standard log based system to focus on education.

The approach is extremely evidence based, and was no doubt tailored to rigorous ethics standards. In the future I would like to see more contextual intelligence to the advice, but that is no doubt for future versions.

There have been very few quality studies demonstrating the effectiveness of hHealth approaches, and I wish them all the best of luck in their project.

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