Health 2.0 London 2014

Health 2.0 London 2014, Nov. 10-12



I am joining the Berlin health 2.0 contingent heading off to London for a few days of conferencing and networking.

Health 2.0 has been so good as to provide a press pass to DTR, so I will take a moment here to say thank you and to publicize a bit.

Among the talks I am looking forward to is R. Ascione’s “Supporting and Empowering Patients Between Doctor’s Visits.” Since most of us PWDs are on our own all but around 1.5 hours per year, a very pertinent issue for us.

“Design Strategies for Engagement and Behaviour Change” panel on Tuesday, is another discussion on one of my favorite subjects.

Also a talk on “choosing and prescribing Apps,” which will certainly be one of the big issues on the horizon. At the moment App consumption seems largely consumer driven, but as Apps encroach more on services traditionally offered by medical personal, there will be probably be increased regulation. Also the sheer volume of Apps will require a better system of understanding which product is best suited for individual need.

Of course there will be talks on all the buzz topics at the moment, convergent devices, big data, etc.

Hopefully there will be critical and quality info, with presenters willing to question the viability and effectiveness of their own products. There is sometimes a tendency for these events to be overly promotional.

If you are going to be there, please drop me an email, and let’s try and connect.

By the way if you use their twitter feed you can get a £100 discount (see below).

-dmitri katz

Less than 8 days to go until @health2eu! Join and save £100 while online registration is open! #health2eu #health2con

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