EuroPython 2014, OpenSource and Diabetes

EuroPython 2014, OpenSource and Diabetes 

or  why we should be developing our own diabetes software.

First of all, just had a fantastic week at EP14 and PyData in Berlin.







The sense of community was amazing. Over 1200  brilliant people, working on such a variety of projects: developers, scientists, researchers, teachers, oddballs, eccentrics, enthusiasts, and so on, joined together by a love of building with an open source toolset.

I spent a lot of time asking people what they were working on, and talking about the potential for helping people using diabetes software. Many were very positive, and expressed interest in being involved.

The article below explains how health software might be even harder to monetize if governments blocks the selling of user health data, leveraging collected data is the cornerstone of free services like Google, Facebook, and so on.

The solution could be  setting up an open source initiative to develop our own non-commercial diabetes management software.  No profit, all collected data open to all, and system agnostic. 

No profit means other funding, whether that is crowd funding, government, or just lots of people donating time, I don’t know, but taking control of our own care is very appealing.

If you are interested in getting involved please contact me.

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