The Current Status of mHealth for Diabetes

The Current Status of mHealth for Diabetes: Will It Be the Next Big Thing?

David C. Klonoff, M.D., FACP, Fellow AIMBE

This paper hits on all the main issues. If you want a good overview of mHealth and diabetes, this is a great place to go.

Klonoff is a big name in the field, and a definite believer.

If anyone has opinions on this paper please let me know.

dmitri katz

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2 comments on “The Current Status of mHealth for Diabetes
  1. Hi Dmitri,

    I just sent an email to David. I noticed in the footnotes that none of my rigorous studies were referenced in spite of being peer reviewed and several published in the ADA’s Diabetes Care not to mention other medical journals.

    My take away is that communication is broken and a better system is necessary. There are incentives for researchers to embrace the status quo which also inhibit the progress and uptake of innovation so it’s more than just publication and awareness at the heart of this issue.

    Thank you for the work that you are doing although I might suggest that you get more aggressive at exposing the root cause behind slow progress.

  2. d.katz says:

    Hi Kevin,
    thanks for your input.
    Please give me more. What kind of a system do you envision?

    It seems like there is a fundamental issue that the current medical system is based largely on Pharma development cycles (10-15 years), and has not yet figured out how to cope with agile software cycles.

    Big Pharma is not leading in this space, and preventive medicine and reduction of need does not fit in with their financial model, nor have they yet figured out an ROI system. Why should they spend lots of money trying to get people to not need Type 2 medication. Seems like a pretty clear problem.

    Who the big players are going to be in mHealth remains to be seen.

    I am really interested in what are alternative methods of testing the efficacy of these new products, your thoughts would of course be valued.

    thanks again for your work and interest.


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