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Berlin Diabetes and Technology Meetup

Hello All, Summer is almost here! After a brief hiatus we are planning to start a new series of Diabetes and Tech Meetups at the brand new creative workspace ‘5pace’ ( in Berlin, Kreuzberg, at Paul-Linke-Ufer 42. —————————————————— As

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ATTD Paris 2017 reflections

ATTD Paris 2017 reflections Smart Insulin pumps Just got back from ATTD in Paris, and am still coming to terms with several days of immersion in the current state of diabetes technology.  The biggest takeaway is that the “Artificial Pancreas,”

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Ubicomp 2016 workshop on user-centered mHealth

For those of you interested in ubiquitous computing and healthcare: we want to hear from you! This 1-day workshop will bring together researchers, developers, designers, data scientists, medical professionals, and those with a keen interest in living better with chronic

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Hi Folks, let’s talk about Behavior Design!

Let’s talk about tech and behavior design! Monday, Feb 22, 2016, 7:00 PM IXDSPaul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40 Berlin, DE 1 Diabetes Tech Heads Attending Behaviour & Emotion Design – After Work Chat, IXDS, Monday, 22.02., 7 pmThe Behaviour Design & Change Meetup together with

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T1 day in Berlin

Hi Everyone, Hope you all had fine holidays. Just want to alert you all of a couple Berlin diabetes events coming up later this month. Also, it has been a while, but we will be scheduling a new

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DIY Health CHI 2016 Workshop!

“In conjunction with CHI 2016 in May 2016 in San Jose, California, a workshop will be held to discuss the rapidly growing DIY Health and Wellbeing domain. Maker and hacker culture has driven advances in diabetes technology and the development of other bespoke assistive technologies. There

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Blood Sugar Bingo in Germany on Nov 14th

      On Nov. 14th, otherwise know as World Diabetes Day, the good people from will be leading a German wide diabetes awareness campaign. The basic idea is you take a selfie of yourself and a reading on your

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Diabetes Mine Profile

Question and answer session with the fine folks at Diabetes Mine. Looking forward in a big way to meeting everyone at Stanford in November!

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Diabetes Apps: Present and Future

If you are in Berlin, please come and join us on July 13, 2015 ! There will be a few presentations on diabetes apps and related technology, at IXDS in Kreuzberg. Please join us for discussion and brainstorming on the role

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DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2015

DiabetesMine Innovation Summit 2015 Patient Voices Contest DiabetesMine has long been one of my favorite sites for diabetes tech news. Just got the exciting notification that I have been selected to be part of the DiabetesMine Innovation Summit as a

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