Apple watch and diabetes… what now?

Apple Watch and diabetes, what now…?

I assume I was not alone in watching the much hyped and excellently orchestrated Tim embodies Steve presentation yesterday.

So leaving all the cult of consumption issues aside, what is the potential real added value of this product in helping diabetics self-manage diabetes?

Now the positives as I see it:

A watch is an excellent place to see data. It is low profile, and almost always accessible. While we have to pull out our phones, the watch is just there. The wearable market is tricky, and a watch is much easier to implement than a headset.

Of course I had dreams of there being a CGM sensor included, which was of course not very likely.  All hype, aside this wouldn’t fit in with apple’s MO.  The non-invasive CGM watch continues to be a tough device to perfect. Wouldn’t expect a luxury consumer goods company to lead in this area. would have been nice though!

So what does HealthKit mean for diabetics?

I have been hoping for a single place that will aggregate all my important data streams automatically. This means CGM, exercise, medication dosages, and perhaps caloric intake. This depends on seamlessly compatible diabetes hardware, which doesn’t seem to exist at this time.  I am certainly hoping that the marketing muscle of Apple will encourage a modern diabetes hardware ecosystem.


So is apple watch the right place for running these systems?  First question, we don’t know is what it can do without a phone.  I have my phone with me most of the time, but not when I run.

Could we hook up a 3rd party CGM sensor directly to the watch without an intermediary device? This would be a game changer for me.

And of course the other question, is such a corporate and expensive environment the best place to develop innovative systems. I am very attracted to elements of the Open Source movement, which doesn’t necessarily connect to the apple way of doing business.

your thoughts?


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