Affordable glucose testing

Affordable glucose testing on the way!

Students at Clemson have developed a way that people can print their own blood strips with an affordable epson printer at a greatly reduced price.  And they are claiming that the accuracy is comparable to existing commercial strips!

For many  commercial blood tests, 4 times a day are just not affordable. But, a 1 cent self-manufactured strip would be.

I am really excited by the possibility that individuals or communities could manufacture their own health supplies.

Looking forward to seeing this kind of do-it-yourself disruptive medical work being implemented.

Well done! This can be the future!

dmitri katz

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2 comments on “Affordable glucose testing
  1. Larry Ham says:


    Do you have any contact info for the Clemson students who are involved in this development?

    I would be more than happy to participate in any studies that they might be doing.

    Thank goodness for smart and creative people!

    Larry Ham

    • d.katz says:

      Not yet, but perhaps I will try and contact them for an interview. Just love the concept in so many ways. Disruption is an overused word, but self producing of consumable medical products….

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